To communicate and outlive colonialism…

we need good information from good sources, provided in context and with arrows to other sources and situations that come to bear.


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  1. 1862-Duke of Newcastle borrows 12M pounds of silver to build useless railways from Halifax to Montreal. There was already a line from Portland, Maine to Montreal. The loan was coming due December 1867 thus the need to refinance. In comes the British North America Bill 1867. This Bill (of exchange) was never given Royal Assent as noted in the “Assented to date” appearing in square brackets “[ ]” (see. Revised Statutes of British Columbia, first page re: definitions, second definition: “square brackets”.)

    The 1867 scheme was a set up for the 1868 Dep’t of Sec’ty of State Act and Act for the GRADUAL Enfranchisement of the Indians 1869. Both are to be read as if one act (not unlike the Treasury Board Act is burried under s. 5 of the Financial Administration Act R. S. C. 1985 c11). This led to the laying of siege (buffalo slaughter) of 1870, Morris so-called Treaties, Indian Act and Rez schools.

    The Statute Law Revision Act 1893 repealed the enacting clause of the 1867 scheme. And, yes, no bona fide assented to date! What you see is not there. What is not there is hereby repealed by this Act which also is not there! They are not all there!

    Comes 1982. One can’t just take a dead Bill and claim it is law as per Trudeau and Chretien resurrecting the British North America Bill as a valid Constitution Act 1867. To revive the Bill it must re-start as a Bill. No debates on the Constitution Act 1867 were conducted by the Imperial Parliament between 1980-1982.

    So we have no law! Well, not quite true!

    Seems Queen Elizabeth is chief of the Tribe of Judah therefore God’s personal Law manager on earth. She is also the holder in due course of the: Royal Proclamation 1763, the King James Bible and co-holder in due course of the Douay Rhiems Vulgate all three instances proving joinder with Scriptural Law. So, how does Scriptural Law show up on the scene?

    The Canadian charter of Rights and Freedoms 1982 begins and ends, for obvious reasons, with but 11 words: “Canada was founded under principles that recognize the supremacy of God.”. We know the founding of the Dominion of Canada was railway fraud necessitating genocide but God is referenced. Elizabeth signed it. God means the God of the 10 Commandments and Constitution Written in Heaven.

    If you read the Royal Proclamation 1763 you will note “land purchases” and “treaties”. The land belongs to God and not to be sold-Strike 1. Treaties are contracts and Judah is commanded not to engage in contracts lest they be a snare-Strike 2. The Royal proclamation 1763 has yet to be honored-Strike 3.

    Since 1763 not one Privy Council has cause any laws to be created in contemplation of the non-molestation/land swindle commands. Since 1789 not one lawyer from the Law Society of Upper Canada has caused any laws to be passed either. This is ipso facto proof of genocide.

    The Chiefs and Council elected under the Indian Act. The LaForme family are also under the Indian Act as fake Chief and Council out of Hagarsville-Mississaugas of the New Credit. Harry LaForme is a Ontario Superior Court judge.

    Search out images of maps of the Royal Proclamation 1763. Look where the Haldimand Tract is (6-66 nations). The Haldimand Tract sits upon still Indian Territory. How was King George III able to give “Indians” Indian Land? You have a car? Give me your keys and I will gift you a car similar to yours and you will think I am a swell guy.



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