Delivered to the First Nations Summit meeting in Vancouver, February 4, 1991.



In the beginning the Creator bestowed upon our forefathers all the lands, waters, air and all its natural resources. This is a fact we all know as it has been handed down to us for generations and generations. With the blessings of the Creator, which today we now call Aboriginal Title and Rights, our First Nations cultivated our tribal territories in harmony with nature and perpetually sustained all natural resources and our peoples through good government, peace and order. Before we talk about land claims today, let us all stand so that we may share with you a few words with the Creator…

… When we talk about land claims we must never forget that the Creator provided all our First Nations with tribal territories adjacent to each other.

… Today, because the leaders of both the Governments of Canada and British Columbia, who we will call the “Crown”, want to totally eliminate our claim to traditional tribal territories, there are efforts made that appear to be dealing with the resolution of land claims, self-government and whatever other “aboriginal title and right” the First Nations claim to still hold. We must not forget the fact that our ancestors gained international recognition that the Crown must gain the consent of the First Nations if they want to take our traditional tribal territories. We must not forget the fact that the Crown, in spite of treaties with many First Nations throughout Canada, have consistently imposed cultural genocide policies and practices on all our First Nations. It is these two key facts that prove the Crown is still trying to eliminate our claim to traditional tribal territories while appearing to try to resolve the Indian problem.

If the Crown is serious and sincere about resolving the land claims question with all our First Nations, then it must consider the following recommendations: