The Second Session, held in Detroit Michigan, USA, at the Wolverine Hotel, September 1947


Excerpt, first paragraphs:

This National Indian Government which did not exist since 1763 has re-established in June 21, 1945, a great meeting was held at the Chateau Laurier in the City of Ottawa, Canada.

All the delegates who did attend the meeting at that time, they have all discussed their situation so, when they all realized that the Federal Government do not treat the Indian population with justice then they all decided to approve a National Indian Government established by the Indian and for the Indian, immediately they all voted for a new Indian Constitution act, right there the Indian Government was re-established…

…all the delegates present at that time did approve the first Indian law book to interest all the Indian people to read and learn what this National Indian Government expects to do for his people in the future.

At the Second Session, the following were elected:

Supreme Chief: Bernard Commanda, Nipissing Lake

Assistant Supreme Chief: John Chabot, Maniwaki Band

Secretary-Treasurer: Jules Sioui, Lorette Band

Assistant Secretary-Treasurer: Silver Star (E. Matteson), Pontiac Branch Band


Article 1. The Indian language has to be taught in the school by the teacher to safeguard the National Indian language(s).

1.A. Chief and Council of each Band has to govern the school, the teacher, and anything else that may pertain to the education of their children.

Note the report of the meeting was published in English and French in a single volume.